MMWU’s organization of the enterprise and management of OAO “Evrazruda” concluded an agreement that provides guaranties for workers of “Mundybashskij” ore-dressing affiliated company dismissed because of restructuring. The agreement responds to most of the demands of workers.

The agreement provides an opportunity to keep groups of workers used to work together in one section after change of work place. In case of the lack of vacant work places in other closest affiliates of the company the workers will be employed in additionally created work places.

The parties also came to the agreement that workers will have an opportunity to get to their new work places in “Abagurskij” affiliated company by bus provided by employer. The workers who decided to be employed in other “Evrazruda” affiliates and rent a house in other towns will receive payments in a size of three average wages for the first period and their rent will be paid by employer for two years.

 A. Denyakin, OAO “Evrazruda” Chief Executive, and T. Strokova, MMWU organization of the enterprise chairman, also issued a joint resolution providing monthly payments for workers on early retirement. In case of retirement because of achieving a pension age workers will also receive onetime benefits.

MMWU International Department

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