The special expanded meeting of MMWU Central Council executive committee was held on November, 29, 2013. “Branch tariff negotiations for 2014 and next years” became еhe theme of the meeting.

During branch tariff negotiations for 2014 and next years between Miners’ and Metallurgical Workers’ Union of Russia (MMWU) as a representative of workers and All-Russian association of employers the “Association of Manufacturers of Mining and Metallurgical Industry of Russia” (AMROS) from the side of employers was held four meetings of tariff commissions.

Parties didn’t reach the agreement on “Wages” part of the branch tariff agreement.

The employers’ party declared that there is no possibility of increasing of real wage of workers in mining and metallurgical industry and full realization of draft branch tariff agreement suggested by MMWU because of financial-economic crisis that affected a lot of countries, significantly slowed down the rate of economic growth in Russia, caused prices and volumes of production decrease for most of the products of metallurgy, reduction of efficiency of mining and metallurgical industry enterprises.

AMROS party also demands the following terms for increasing of wages: the outrunning labour productivity growth, competitive production and the sources of growth of the wage fund set on a level of collective agreements. The representatives of employers decline the compulsory increased payments for work in night (+40 % of base wage rate) and evening hours (+20%) and suggest to agree the payments rate of not less than +20 % only for work in night hours, set by the Government of the Russian Federation. The employers’ party also suggests setting minimal wage in a size of 1, 4 of living wage and only for workers employed in a main production.

MMWU Central Council Tariff Commission stopped the negotiations to discuss the situation with workers.

MMWU Central Council decided to organize the meetings and conferences of MMWU organizations of the enterprises till December, 2013 with a common agenda for discussing demands of the parties and negotiations. At the meeting was also decided to organize informational pickets at the enterprises with distribution of leaflets informing about the progress of negotiations and position of trade union party.

MMWU regional organizations and the Union committees of organizations of the enterprises will hold rallies and pickets to support the Union’s demands and send resolutions of the meetings to management of the enterprises, companies (holdings), AMROS, and MMWU Central Council till December, 18.

MMWU activists of regional organizations and organizations of the enterprises will speak about reasons and aims of these actions in mass media and at press conferences.

MMWU Central Council will hold pickets in front of the offices of main metallurgical companies on December, 16, 2013 in Moscow.


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