The Branch Tariff Agreement on 2014-2016 was signed in MMWU’s Central Council headquarters on December, 23, 2013 by A. Okunkov, Chief Executive of the All-Russian association of employers of the industry “Association of manufacturers of mining and metallurgical complex of Russia” (AMROS), and A. Bezymyannykh, Miners’ and Metallurgical Workers’ Union of Russia President.

“We are attending at the memorable moment. Today the Tariff Branch Agreement is being signed in 12th time. It is a good thing that we are signing this agreement without the record of disagreements in nowadays difficult economic situation. Being sincere, it was not easy to come to the agreement in these conditions. Both parties are not completely satisfied. We chose the wise and deliberate decision to conclude Branch Tariff Agreement for 3 years and the part on wages – for 1 year with further changes of its provisions depending on changes in social-economic situation” – commented A. Bezymyannykh.

“Branch Tariff Agreement becomes more significant nowadays. Now it needs many efforts from both parties to provide the implementation of BTA by all enterprises that have MMWU local organizations at them. It will proof the quality of the agreement and the accordance of its norms with reality”.

“Now we are summing up the results of a long and difficult three-month work, - noted A. Okunkov, Chief Executive of AMROS, - We managed to come to the agreement. The compromise is achieved. No one of the parties is totally satisfied by the results. But the he sense of social dialogue is in finding of compromise solutions even in difficult conditions. The signed agreement is the agreement of compromise, but I’m convinced that it was the only possible solution”.

MMWU Central Council expressed its thanks to all workers of the MMWU organizations of the enterprises who supported the position of the Union in these negotiations, participated in meetings, rallies and pickets, spread the Union’s newspapers and leaflets, held press conferences to show the MMWU’s position, without whom this agreement couldn’t be concluded.

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