The new collective agreement on years 2014-2016 was signed at “Magnitorogskij” metallurgical plant. The workers conference of OAO “MMK” held on 14 of March became a result of three months of difficult negotiations between parties of social partnership.

The commission on negotiations and development of draft collective agreement started its work in the end of November, 2013. 11 representatives of employer, including Sergej Krivoshekov, “MMK” corporative and social programs manager, and 11 representatives of MMWU organization of the enterprise, including Alexander Derunov, trade union committee chairman, participated in the committee.

The main issues of new collective agreement became: wages, employment, work safety, health of workers, work with youth, programs of support of mothers and children. The collective agreement not only keeps all benefits and guaranties, but also provides the increase of wages and measures for improving of work safety and conditions and health care of workers and their families. The “Wages” part of collective agreement provides the indexation of the average wage considering the growth of consumer prices on goods and services in the region. The average wage of metallurgical workers in Magnitogorsk remains one of the highest in Chelyabinsk Region. It amounted 45600 rubles in December 2013.

The new collective agreement is based on principles of social partnership between the management and the workers of the enterprise. All items of the agreement correspond with norms of Tariff Branch Agreement for mining and metallurgical complex for years 2014-2016. Special attention is paid for trainings for workers.

The parties agreed to develop the creativity of workers of OAO “MMK”: they are going to continue to hold professional competitions and challenges for workshops and divisions of workers. The best groups of workers and workers will be rewarded for their work.

In the end of the conference Pavel Shilyaev, OAO “MMK” Chief Executive, and Alexander Derunov, MMWU community of trade union organization of OAO “MMK” group chairman, signed the collective agreement.

 The collective negotiation campaign continues at OAO “MMK” affiliated companies and will be held at 25 of 42 affiliates.


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