The seminar on “the ways of strengthening of trade union membership” was held in Moscow on April, 15. It became the second of four stages of the training for organizers and specialists on activities with union members. The third stage is planned to be held in one of the regions and the fourth to take place abroad. Group of 27 participants should finish all four stages of the training.

Alexey Bezymyannykh, MMWU President, opened the seminar. He told about the social-economic situation in the industry and main tasks for the Union. “Organizing has very important meaning in development of modern trade union movement”, - emphasized MMWU President.

On the first day of the seminar participants presented their “homework” – detailed analysis of the situation in their Union organizations, discussed resources and tools of current structure of regional and local Union organizations of attracting workers into the Union.

In remaining two days of the seminar were considered the aims that the employer pursues while hiring and discovered a place of the worker in different business models. The participants learned to estimate the situation in the Union and find tools of strengthening the membership, attract new workers using the ability of the Union to protect workers’ rights.

The final day of the seminar was devoted to training of trade union activists’ skills.


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