MMWU Central Council Plenum was held on May, 29. In Plenum participated A. Okunkov, AMROS, The All-Russian Industrial Association of Employers Chief Executive, representatives of management of the companies and trade union activists from different regions.

Plenum considered tasks of MMWU organizations in unfavorable conditions in metals market and worsened problem of employment; implementation of decisions of VII MMWU Congress on increasing of union membership, creating new union organizations and others.

In 2012-2013 enterprises of Mining and Metallurgical Complex of Russia were working in unsustainable situation in world and Russian economy, decrease of demand on many kinds of metal products and reduction of their world prices. Quantity of workers at Mining and Metallurgical Complex enterprises which have MMWU organizations amounted 805,7 thousands and decreased by 63,8 thousands.

By information of 140 companies with quantity of workers about 440 thousands, 36,7 thousands of workers were dismissed and 73% of them – under voluntary agreement.

In 2014-2016 quantity of employed in the industry is expected to further decrease because of closure of ineffective production sites and continuing optimization of quantity of workers. Problems of one-company towns and diversification of its economy need special attention.

To solve the problems of employment MMWU organizations of all levels need to develop partnership between the Union, employers and regional administrative authorities, conduct constant monitoring of the situation, paying special attention to forecast and developing of preventing measures to maintain the employment, create new work places, strengthen measures of social protection of dismissed members of the Union.

The key directions of activity of all Union organizations are improvement of the situation with MMWU membership decrease and strengthening of membership, creating new union organizations. To solve the problem of membership the Union activists should use: training of union officers, activists, organizers and tutors, work with officers’ reserve, further development of institution of union representatives, increase of awareness of members, conducting of monthly monitoring and other measures.

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