On July, 15, 2014 in MMWU Central Council headquarters in Moscow on threshold of the professional holiday – the Metallurgist’s Day was held a meeting of pace-maker workers and trade union activists of Mining and Metallurgical Complex of Russia with A. Bezymyannykh, MMWU President, Vice-Presidents: A. Shvedov and S. Boeva; E. Pogodin, “Souzmetall” Trade Union Centre General Secretary, and A. Okunkov, Association of Manufacturers of Mining and Metallurgical Complex of Russia (AMROS) Chief Executive.

 Alexey Bezymyannykh noted that the Metallurgist’s Day is traditionally celebrated on federal level. In festival events in Moscow participated 117 workers from 25 regions of the Russian Federation and 5 representatives of CIS countries – Belorussia, Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine.

He underlined that Union organizations of enterprises of Mining and Metallurgical Complex in 51 regions of the Russian Federation play a key role in MMWU activity.

MMWU President paid close attention to important problems the Union faces today. They are: one-company towns, where thousands people depend on financial-economic situation of one enterprise; implementation of the Law on Special Estimation of Working Conditions, that gives concern; the role of Union activists in this situation, who need not to let employers to economize on peoples’ health and do their best to protect interests of workers; implementation of pension legislation, that needs special control of the Union.

“To be able to solve these and others social issues, - noticed A. Bezymyannykh, - the Union participates in different authorities on federal level – Russian Trilateral Commission, Social Insurance Fund, Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia and other bodies”.

International partnership with foreign trade unions within the framework of “IndustriALL” Global Union is an important direction of activity of the Union that gives the opportunity to fight against agency labour and other forms of precarious work, join activity and strengthen the role of branch unions in the world.

Alexey Bezymyannykh paid attention to the fact that economic situation in Mining and Metallurgical Complex is difficult today. So it’s very important to develop and strengthen the unity of MMWU, to maintain protecting interests of workers and achieve new successes in social partnership.

On July, 16 miners and metallurgists from different regions, veterans of the industry, heads of associations of employers and officers of MMWU Central Council laid the “Wreath of Glory and Commemoration” on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Alexandrovsky Garden in front of the Kremlin in accordance with established tradition.

Representatives of the manly profession paid a tribute to the memory of the soldiers perished in the Great Patriotic War.

That day in the Big Hall of Russian Academy of Sciences was held the festival meeting devoted to the Metallurgist’s Day.

The meeting was opened by A. Bezymyannykh, MMWU President. Metallurgists commemorated people killed in the accident in Moscow metro on 15.07.2014 by one minute's silence.

S. Velmyajkin, First Vice-Minister of Ministry of Labour and Social Security of the Russian Federation, O. Soskovetz, President of Russian Union of Producers, M. Tarasenko, Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, and A. Okunkov, Association of Manufacturers of Mining and Metallurgical Complex of Russia (AMROS) Chief Executive made speeches at the meeting.

Miners and metallurgists received greetings from V. Putin, President of the Russian Federation, S. Narishkin, Chairman of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, D. Manturov, Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, J. Raina, “IndustriALL” Global Union General Secretary, A. Tuleev, Government Executive of Kemerovo region, trade unions of foreign, CIS countries and other industries of Russia, companies and enterprises of Mining and Metallurgical Complex.

Winners of the industrial competition “The Mining and Metallurgical Complex Enterprise of High Social Efficiency” were rewarded by diplomas of MMWU Central Council, AMROS and Department of Metallurgy and Heavy Engineering of Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia.

At the festival meeting was shown a documentary shot with participation of MMWU Central Council. The movie was devoted to strong, hard-working, steadfast people devoted their life to metallurgy. The movie was shooting at “Severstal” and “Hakasskij Aluminievij” Plant. Professions of metallurgical industry were shown from the point of view of children whose parents work at the enterprises.

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