OOO “Zlatoustovskiy Electrometallurgical Plant” was founded in January 2014 at working floor of bankrupt “Zlatoustovskiy Metallurgical Plant”. The quantity of workers of the enterprise currently numbers 2500 people.

The conference of workers on adoption of collective agreement was held at OOO “Zlatoustovskiy Electrometallurgical Plant”. The first collective agreement at OOO “ZEMZ” was adopted by 64 delegates of workers and signed by Semen Leybenzon, Chief Executive of the enterprise, and Svetlana Sizova, trade union committee chairman.

Standards of wages, social benefits and guaranties for workers established by Tariff Branch Agreement for mining and metallurgical complex of the Russian Federation became the basis of collective agreement on the years 2014 – 2016.

The minimum wage established by the agreement shouldn’t be lower than 1, 5 living wage in the region and the minimum wage of workers of auxiliary processes can’t be lower than one living wage established on the federal level.

The employer commits to provide the opportunity for workers’ wages growth in a case of rise of work productivity, enterprise operating without loss and available funds. The average wage at the enterprise should total not less than 2, 5 living wage of working population in the region and the share of its conditionally-permanent part should be not less than 70%.

The collective agreement provides social security for number of categories of workers: pregnant women, single mothers, workers who have large families of dependent children. In the collective agreement are guaranteed: providing workers with hot meals, financing of cultural, sport and health-improving events. The agreement contains the issues on work with the youth and professional training.

In accordance with the law on “Special Estimate of Working Conditions” in collective agreement the employer commits to guarantee the representation of the union in commission on estimation of working conditions, inform workers about its results, benefits and compensations for work in harmful or dangerous conditions.

“In a part on wages we managed to improve the conditions, - comments Svetlana Sizova, trade union committee chairman, - We are looking forward to oblige the employer to provide financial support for workers by collective agreement (now only support of trade union committee is provided)”.

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