More than 140 000 people participated in May Day demonstration in Moscow. This year the Ribbon of Saint George became the uniting symbol for all people who came in the center of the city with transparencies, flags, balloons and flowers. One of main themes of Mad Day action became patriotism and the 70th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. Trade Unions demanded to protect social-labour rights and interests of workers.

Sergey Sobyanin, Mayor of Moscow, Mikhail Shmakov, President of Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia and Sergey Chernov, President of Moscow Trade Unions Federation headed the column. The main logo of May Day demonstration was “Rise of Prices – Doubling Wages”.

Miners’ and Metallurgical Workers’ Union of Russia and its President Alexey Bezymyannykh traditionally participated in the demonstration. Trade union activists took part in the action with their children and family members.

In Global May Day Action participated 3, 2 million of people including tens of thousands MMWU members all over Russia and trade union members of 140 countries all over the globe.

On 6 of May before celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Victory of Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War Miners’ and Metallurgical Workers’ Union took part in traditional ceremony of laying of the Wreath of Glory on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in front of the Kremlin.

In ceremony participated workers of MMWU Central Council and President of the Union, Alexey Bezymyannykh. Mikhail Tarasenko, State Duma of Russian Federation deputy, Oleg Soskovets, President of Russian Union of Manufacturers, Uriy Bragin, President of Metalworkers Veterans Council, presidents of industrial unions, veterans of war and labour, representatives of employers, trade union activists of Moscow region enterprises, students and pupils of school came to honour soldiers of the Great Patriotic War.

MMWU Central Council and Union Charity Found “Splav” held All-Russian Industrial competition of compositions “The War in a Destiny of My Family”. 118 school pupils whose parents work at mining and metallurgical enterprises of Russia participated in the competition. Winners were rewarded by diplomas during a solemn ceremony in Museum of the Great Patriotic War on Poklonnaya Hill, where winners of the competition and their parents met with Alexandr Vasilevich Smorodinnikov, veteran of the War, honored metalworker, the State Prize of Russian Federation laureate, who congratulated the winners.

On the Victory Day, 9 of May was held All-Russian action – thousands people participated in “The Immortal Regiment” and paraded carrying portraits and photos of their family members who participated in the Great Patriotic War as a proof of our memory. The action was organized by nongovernmental patriotic social initiative.

The main task of the action of memory called “The Immortal Regiment” is to maintain personal memory about the generation of the Great Patriotic War in each family. Participating in “The Immortal Regiment” people remember and honor their relatives: veterans of army and navy, partisans, underground fighters, fighters of the Resistance, home front workers, concentration camps prisoners, victims of the Siege of Leningrad, children of the War. On 9 of May people all over Russia participated in columns of “The Immortal Regiment” with photos of their relatives or honored their memory bringing their photos to the Eternal Flame memorials.

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