On July 15, 2015 at the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow took place the grand meeting devoted to the Metallurgist’s Day. At the meeting participated representatives of enterprises – winners of the industry competition “The Enterprise of Mining and Metallurgical Complex of High Social Efficiency”, workers of metallurgical enterprises of Moscow, Moscow Region, Tula, Vladimir, Orel and Kaluga Regions, veterans of the industry.
The participants of the Metallurgists’ Day actions laid the Wreath of Glory and Remembrance on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in front of the Kremlin. Before their professional holiday the representatives of this courageous profession payed a tribute to the memory of the dead in the Great Patriotic War in the year of the Seventieth Anniversary of the Great Victory.
Alexey Bezymyannykh, MMWU President opened a ceremonial meeting. In his opening address he said: “This year is not easy for most of enterprises of mining and metallurgical complex of Russia. Inauspicious tendencies remain in world economy. But we have every reason to look ahead with confidence. Russian metallurgy keeps the leading position in economic and technical progress. This is the joint service of all whose hard work day to day guaranties sustainable development of the industry, creates welfare of the country, strengthens its power and defensive potential”.
At the ceremonial meeting also spoke: A. Okunkov, Chief Executive of the Association of Mining and Metallurgical Complex of Russia (AMROS), M. Topilin, Minister of Labour and Social Security of the Russian Federation, who read out the messages of greetings from V. Putin, President of the Russian Federation, and D. Medvedev, Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation; and M. Tarasenko, State Duma of RF Deputy, First Deputy of Chairman of Committee on Labour, Social Policy and Issues of Veterans, who read out the message from S. Narishkin, Chairman of State Duama of Federal Assembly of RF.
M. Shmakov, President of the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia spoke on behalf of all trade unions – affiliates of FNPR: “When we talk about decent labour, we mean highly skilled labour with modern work places and secure work conditions, just wages and essential social guarantees. Our task is to obtain this conditions for miners and metallurgical workers at every work place”.
O. Soskovets, President of Russian Manufacturers’ Union, noted an invaluable contribution of miners and metallurgical workers in the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, when in record time metallurgy redirected to military needs, thousands of workers volunteered to the front, and women and children took their work places. “And we gain the Victory!”
Jyrki Raina, IndustriALL Global Union General Secretary sent his address to miners and metal workers of Russia.
D. Manturov, Minister of Industry and Trade of RF, foreign and Russian trade unions, companies and enterprises of mining and metallurgical complex also send their greetings.
Representatives of enterprises – winners of XII industry competition “The Enterprise of Mining and Metallurgical Complex of High Social Efficiency” were rewarded by diplomas of Department of Metallurgy and Materials of Ministry of Industry and Trade of RF, AMROS and MMWU.
At the ceremonial meeting was demonstrated a video made with participation of MMWU Central Council devoted to strong, assiduous people creating the industrial might of the country.

The ceremonial meeting ended with a grand concert.

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