MMWU IX Ordinary Congress took place on 13-14 of December 2021 in Moscow under this moto. In Congress participated 430 delegates, representatives of trade unions of Slovakia, Belorussia, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, other industries’ unions of Russia, leaders of Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia, “IndustriALL” Global and European Unions, management of companies, veterans of mining and metallurgical industry and mass media.

Alexey Bezymyannykh, MMWU President, reported on MMWU Central Council activity for previous period and informed about the most significant results of a work of the Union and the main problems, such as increasing of a wage level of miners and metallurgical workers, securing work places in a current situation with the pandemia, providing secure work conditions, supervising of conditions on work places by MMWU special commissions, enforcing of legal protection of the members, increasing of efficiency of the informational work of the Union and work with the social media, organizational strengthening of the union structures, increasing of membership, coordination between the structures of the Union, developing of solidarity, work with the youth and trade union recruiting.

Alexey Bezymyannykh concluded his report, emphasized:
“We have everything to advance. Sustainable, competitive companies of mining and metallurgical industry, high qualified workers and modern Union that celebrates this year its 30th anniversary”.
In the Congress participated leaders of Russian, foreign and international associations of trade unions, representatives of government and employers. Among them were: Alexandr Korchagin, Association of Trade Unions of Base Industries and Construction of the Russian Federation President; Elena Muhtiyarova, Vise-Minister of Labour and Social Protection of Russian Federation; Asylbek Nuralin, International Trade Union Association, Trade Union Center “Souzmetal” President, Miners’ and Metallurgical Workers’ Union of Republic of Kazakhstan “Kazprofmetall” President; Oleg Soskovets, Russian Producers’ Association President; Mikhail Shmakov, Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia (FNPR) President and others.


Kemal Ozcan, Assistant of “IndustriALL” Global Union General Secretary underlined in his speech:
“MMWU has a strong position as on the Russian, as on the global level as well. The Union is one of the largest affiliate of “IndustriALL” Global Union.
We need to keep strengthening international trade union solidarity, increasing the power of trade unions in a face of modern challenges for maintaining sustainable economic policy and social fairness for the man of a labour”.


Rainer Wimmer, Industrial Workers Union of Austria “PRO-GE” President, Wolfgang Lemb, “IG Metall” Metallurgical Workers Union of FRG Executive Board Member, and other leaders of Russian and foreign trade unions sent their greetings for the Congress.

The elections of the Union leadership were held. Alexey Bezymyannykh was reelected on a position of MMWU President. Svetlana Boeva and Andrey Shvedov became vice-presidents.
The work of MMWU Central Council for reported period was admitted by delegates of the Congress as satisfactory. The Congress made changes to the Statutes of the Union. MMWU Central Council and Supervising and Auditing Commission were elected. The Congress accepted MMWU Action Programme for the years 2022-2026 and proposed resolutions: “Miners and metallurgical workers demand increasing of the life quality”, “The way to development of the Union is organizational and human resources strengthening”.

MMWU International Department

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